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Core Training Begins With Healthy Lifestyle Habits

5Slim FITNESS program is not about becoming unrealistically thin. It's more about promoting healthy lifestyle habits that energizes the body throughout the day. Physical fitness helps you stay alert and more focused during the day. This leads to the use of fewer "pick me ups" like sweets and caffeine, which leads to an unhealthy diet. We are located in Detroit, Michigan; our services are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, and the U.K..

New 80/20 Core Training

Our New 80/20 Core Training gives you 80% of Healthy Lifestyle Habits with healthy meals and 20% core training via 5 body weight exercises (push ups, crunches, toe touches, squats, running or walking). We have found that 80% of your ability to naturally lose weight is based on what you EAT!!! The staff here wants to make sure you are eating right while targeting and reinforcing nutrition. Our free weekly fitness schedule gives you 3 Meals everyday, along with nutrition facts and education on making the right choices, especially during those tough times like birthdays and holidays.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits help prevent obesity and chronic illnesses. It also helps control cholesterol and blood pressure levels. We post on our Facebook™ page all the time, educating our members and fans about goal setting, with nutritious eating to support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 5Slim FITNESS also focuses on hydration, drinking water, which is a key component of any fitness lifestyle that helps the body release fat.

The focus of 20% of our program is to strengthen the core section of the body, while burning fat and calories. These 5 body weight exercises can be performed once every day, or more as you like. Core training doesn't require expensive equipment or gym memberships. We also encourage our members to participate in more healthy lifestyle habits, and to talk about fitness and the benefits of an active lifestyle. All of which can be seen in our posts on Facebook. Our Music of the Day link helps motivate you and makes it easy to have fun with your workout. Sign up today-- free membership for the first 10,000.